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Flat Track

Started Flat Track racing!
2016/2017/2018: FIM Flat Track World Cup 4th/5th/7th place,.
2017/2018/2019: DTRA UK Flat Track Nationals 7th/5th/5th Pro Class.
2017: Raced American Flat Track and the Superprestigio Dirt Track in Barcelona. 
2019: DTRA Euro Nationals 2nd place Pro class.
2020/2021: ADAC Krowdrace Cup winner Pro class.
2022: Dutch Flat Cup winner Pro Class.


KNMV Grass Track

Semi-Prof Grass Track racing at the Dutch federation (KNMV) started in the 85cc class on the CR85 till 2006.. 
Second place in 2005 at the championship.
Champion in 2006.
Champion in 2007 at the youth 125cc class.
Third place in 2011 and 2012 at the 450cc class.
Second place in 2013 and champion in 2014 and 2015.


Grass Track

Amateur Grass Track racing started at the age of 6. Till I was 10 years old I rode a LEM 50, KX60/65 and a CR 85. 


Maikel Dijkstra

My name is Maikel Dijkstra, I am 31 years old and have been racing motorcycles since I was 6.

I started with grass track racing, in the 450cc class where they race dirt bikes with enduro tires on oval tracks.

In 2016 I fully switched to Flat Track and have competed all across Europe. This has given me a huge amount of experience and knowledge about how to be fast on an oval, and the basis that is used.
This gives me to opportunity to teach riders these basics and how to progress in the sport.

I'm constantly working on improving my riding skills and how to transfer that knowledge.
My goal is to create a new generation of racers that can take Flat Track to the next level.


In 2023, the Royal Enfield Slide School Benelux and the Flat Track Academy will start at various locations.



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