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Royal Enfield Slide School Benelux and Royal Enfield Cup coupon until 31st of December 2024!


The price is including the Royal Enfield Himalayan FT411, riding insurance and steel shoes.


April 7 - Lelystad
April 13 - Roden 
May 11 - Lelystad
June 7 - Vledderveen
June 8 - Roden

July 5 - Vledderveen

July 6 - Vledderveen

July 13 - Roden

July 19 - Vledderveen

July 20 - Vledderveen

July 26 - Vledderveen

July 27 - Vledderveen

August 3 - Roden

August 7 - Roden


A MON license is required for your personal riders insurance, you can fill in the form on the day itself. Normally this is an extra €15,-


The Royal Enfield Slide School is here to learn the basics of Flat Track and to push your limits to the next level and getting you ready for the races! The Flat Track Academy is for young and old, newbie or pro and it doesn't matter which motorsport discipline rider you are. Road race or Supermoto, it's for every rider from 13 to 80 years old.


What you learn:

- Vision

- Posture

- Gass control

- Entry corner

- Exit corner


Please note: We only have helmet rent as an extra option in the webshop but you need to take care of your own protective riding gear such as protective boots above you ankle, knee protectors, protective or mx trouser, body protection or protective jacket or leathers.

Royal Enfield Slide School Benelux and Royal Enfield Cup Coupon 2024

  • There will be a replace date if the school can't take place because of safety due to force major such as bad weather. If you can't go because of illness or other please keep the school for the next time due to handling costs. We can't do a full refund inclusive handling costs.When there is another school planned you will be the first to know. 

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