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Royal Enfield

Slide School Benelux

Flat Track Academy powered by Royal Enfield

What is Flat Track?
Flat Track is a spectacular and accessible form of motorcycling that can reach up to

the fastest growing motorsports in the world.


Flat Track is going around as fast as possible on an oval without the front brake! 
By sliding into the turn you try to regain grip as quickly as possible

to get out of the corner. You do this by playing with your posture

and with gas control.


The Flat Track tires are 19 inches in size, without studs and have

about the same driving effect as rain tires. It is driven on hard

substrate (clay or gravel). This challenging mix also makes Flat Tracking

used by road racers as a base and training component. 

Do you want to experience for yourself what Flat Track is?

In addition to America, England and Italy, Royal Enfield is now also launching the Slide School in the Benelux. This is in collaboration with the Flat Track Academy, with support from Motomondo and Start Twin. At the Royal Enfield Slide School Benelux, the ultimate Flat Track experience is offered in a 3 to 4 hour course. Anyone can do it! From 13 to 80 years old! But to be fast, it is necessary to learn the basics of Flat Track. So don't forget to bring your motorcycle clothing (helmet, gloves, protective jacket/trousers and shoes over the ankle) and

get your first lesson from Maikel Dijkstra, KNMV MT-2 motorsport trainer and international Flat Track racer.

There will be Flat Track prepared Royal Enfield Scram 411cc motorcycles inclusive steel shoes waiting at the 'oval' for you to try out.

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